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Episode 5: How Abbey Quit Her 9 to 5 Job w/ The Virtual Savvy

Hello Love!

In this episode, I speak with Abbey Ashley on her journey to becoming the Founder of The Virtual Savvy where she teaches women how to ditch the 9-5! She talks about her personal struggles and strategies that led her to success in an online career. Join me with Abbey as she shares some insight with us on her path to success…

A few noteworthy sections and items we discuss in the show:

  • You can replace your 9:00 to 5:00 job with an online career
  • Realizing you can work from home, making more money and spending more time with your family
  • Abbey empowering other moms to consider this online career of a virtual assistant
  • Creating a course to sale
  • Sometimes tweaks are necessary to move towards success
  • Niching down
  • Committing even though you may be scared
  • Pre-selling something offers multiple advantages
  • Scarcity urgency is key
  • Finding a potential client before you even invest money into anything is smart!

I hope you enjoyed this passionate advice on taking steps toward starting your own online business!

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