3 Killer Girl Boss Tips | P.S. my Boho Fall Look

Hello Love,

This year has been one inspiring year, I’ve ever had. This year is the year I got my light-bulb idea.

So because I believe in giving back, I believe in being thoughtful, kind and an asset I want to help YOU on your quest before you launch that business you want to launch. And yes I did it through a fashion post. Why not?


Boho Fall (1) Boho Fall (3) Boho Fall (2) Boho Fall (4) Boho Fall (7) Boho Fall (8) Boho Fall (9) IMG_1675

By the way

One thing I love is a flowy casual boho look! It makes me feel all warm and artsy inside. The great thing about these pieces is that you don’t have to do it in one fell swoop as I did. You can totally rock like that flowy jacket with a great pair of jeans and some killer heels. I get tons of compliments on it and some of my friends have even ask if I made it. No, I didn’t but I can! ♥

When I went on my trip to Miami, comfort was my numero 1 priority. So I’d say this is my Fall resort wear. A go-to when ever I just want to feel like an artist. Ever had those days? Oh and if you want to feel more “artsy” add one of those top knots/messy buns, hey, at times it does the trick when you’re feeling uninspired. Try it! Doooo iiit!





So you want to start a business? Maybe be a Coach? Consultant? Maker? Blogger? Entrepreneur?

I Love you girl so this is for my #GirlBoss Friends out there. Hey girl, check these tips out.

Pink Studded

When I started my custom handmade handbag business I blogged to document my journey, little did I know it would actually bring in clients!


I’ve worked with many many AWESOME clients, many became friends and many still check in from time to time! I also fell in love with the custom process – that is my JAM honey!!


So I have a few insights from just doing a LOT of reflection and a lot of adjusting.


You know what they say..or should I say what Maya Angelou says, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better


Any one a Mr. Peabody fan?

So I’m going to tell you what I WISH someone told me in the beginning of my endeavors and something that I hope will lead you on your journey to your success…successfully. ♥


Not a newbie? This is still helpful for you struggling with your business.


I have many of you asking me to help you with your own business endeavors so because I’m also working on my own endeavors (and because I’m secretly super passionate about others dreams and making it happen!), I think the best way to help you and have something you can refer to from time to time. Is write some posts about it.


SO, I thought, why not?

Riiiight? Heavens yes!


Preface: I believe a BLOG is an EXCELLENT way to do business. You’ve made a great choice in making time for one. I know as a business professional, as an entrepreneur there are SO many hats you have to wear, so many things you have to do in the back end of things that some don’t get, but I do. I get you and it’s possible my friend it’s definitely possible. (P.S. I’m totally assuming you want to start a blog/website or make your website better for your business ♥ xoxo)


[dropcap]1.[/dropcap]Become a great steward.


Take care of what you DO have.


One of the greatest illusions you’ll ever face, that you yourself will convince yourself of is –


I don’t have the right resources, the right materials the right connections or that I need (blank) to get to that next level.” – said by your mind.


The truth is Love, you have everything you need to start your dream you just gotta learn to do the best work that you can do with what you have.

This is a secret to opening Amazing, Amazing doors, and becoming an expert in your field. All an expert is, is someone who hones their craft. — That takes experience and time.


Storytime: When I first began making handbags, what lead to my first client was 1. prayer & 2. I started! I became my own client and made my own bag which I carried with me. When someone would ask me what I do, I’d show them. Then…Magic happened, the doors parted the skies shined brighter and because I was passionate I had my first client, and the first person to help me hone my “custom” bag experience. They were amazing!


Insight: My first client was not through my blog mind you just a little FYI.


Maybe your “product” isn’t physical or maybe it isn’t something you can share that easily or maybe it is?


When you are passionate about your work others will be passionate and interested in your work.

Tweet That!


Realistically, Anyone can sell a bag, a product a coaching session but not anyone is YOU! You are your it FACTOR! Remember that!!



[dropcap]2.[/dropcap]Time Management/Planning


Develop a schedule that works for you and that is flexible.


Start with making a list. A list of EVERYTHING that is important to YOU. Now take that list, get yourself a PLANNER, seriously, and block of times that you will spend time with family and block off time that you will be spending on your business.


DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT think this isn’t Importante! It is VITAL. VITAL I tell you! VITAL!

For example, spending time with God & Loved ones maybe a top in your book, block off those hours that need blocking off and make those times sacred. Even though business isn’t booming at the moment. When business does start to pick up, you’ve develop a healthy routine, a healthy work & family flow. And with that my friends, you’ve developed a routine for success! Just being real.


PRO Tip: Have your sacred times planned and business time scheduled for the Month and YEAR.


Storytime: I once heard an AMAZING periscope tip from Darren Rowse a PRO blogger, in-fact his website is called, PRO BLOGGER, fancy that. And he told a simple story of how he developed one of his E-books. He took ONLY 15 minutes a day, aside from his normal activity and endeavors, for 3 months and launched his ebook – which made him more than some make in a year.


Let your googly eyes set in.


Alright…now that we have that established let’s go to tip numero tres…


Let’s put that time to good use….

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap]Write out your Business Plan


You know what they say…”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – So, ridiculously, TRUE


You need to focus on your business plan. And let me tell you there are some HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE templates out there! I know, because when I wrote my first business plan it was sooooo uncomfortable and did not help me out AT ALL! Plus I didn’t know HOW to use a business plan and I was clueless on how to write one and it’s function. YUP.


If you can sit down with a professional – DO IT!

I’m at the moment making one out that is more realistic, more HUMAN and just Awesome. Just working on the first few pages has lead me to my ahaha moment!!


I know what you’re thinking, “Yes Linda, I know all of that, I know that I need to get those things together I mean, Come on it’s common sense! Can you give me more?


Why yes, yes I can…


I’ll exit with this. 1. oh there’s more stick with me kid. and 2. A great foundation is the KEY to a great & happy business.

Have you honestly established your foundation or are you just ready to dive in?

1_3Did you find this helpful? What are some things you’ve learned on your own journey towards your dream and what are you working on?


  1. Keisha says:

    These were such great tips! I have had my own makeup artistry and makeup store for a while now and I am now adjusting my business plan. I think part of where I struggle is giving myself time to plan, whether it be a blog post or keeping my store website current. I love that you did this post through a fashion post..quite refreshing!

    Keisha xo

    Chrysalis Gal

  2. Keisha says:

    These were such great tips! I have had my own makeup artistry and makeup store for a while now and I am now adjusting my business plan. I think part of where I struggle is giving myself time to plan, whether it be a blog post or keeping my store website current. I love that you did this post through a fashion post..quite refreshing!

    Keisha xo

    Chrysalis Gal

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