Slowing Down

Hello Love,

After sitting down with loved ones and friends, I came to the conclusion, as a creative I need time to…well, create! As I reflected on my past, present and hopefully bright future…

I saw that the best way to provide EPIC, AMAZE Your Socks off content, is to focus on creating that content. Not to mention I’m also working on other amazing goodies that involves my time and attention! (I can’t wait to share! xoxo)


I gave blogging Monday – Friday, once more, a shot.

Before I came up with this ingenious decision. I’ve actually planned out 3 weeks of M-F content, that was going to hit the blog, well technically still is just at a slower pace and an emphasis of making it great! Well, it’s definitely worth a shot!


I realized, I’ve been obsessed too focused on creating M-F content and I really need time to go over each detail. I also realized that I could make certain posts better, and that takes time.


I really, really care about what you gain here, that’s another reason why I’m trying to be more focused. I’m writing out my plans and I’m asking the real questions – “How Can I Help?”& “What am I meant to create in this World?

I think, if I can become more focused, clear and concentrate on great quality, I could actually create something worth while. And that’s where I’m headed Love.


So…After much deliberation, even though a part of me hates, dislikes a slow pace, it’s the best thing for everyone all across the board. Best for you as a reader and best for me creatively.


So…there you have it. For creating sake, for giving you the best of me and for my loved ones…

Once a week is where it’s at.

So I hope you’re not too disappointed, and who knows…maybe one day it’ll grow, and maybe some weeks I’ll have more than just a post.


But for now Love, I know this is the right choice. Possibly the best choice.


P.S. See you on Wednesday’s! ♥

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  1. Marissa says:

    The great thing about having a blog is that it’s YOURS! You can post once a week, or 3 times a day! I look forward to your future post and finding out what you’re working on! A blog shouldn’t stress you out, it should be a place you can express yourself. So take the break you need and step back to make sure it’s a good representation of you! xo


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