Pivoting: Leaving a Teaching Career and Finding Success as an Entrepreneur


Today, I am delighted to have Marissa Rehder on the Monetizing Mompreneurs Podcast.

Marissa is a farm wife, mom, and business owner. She has 3 young girls with her husband, Trent. When she’s not coaching women to build their dream lives, she’s living hers. Marissa has always been a multi-passionate person who thrives on having lots of things going on at once. Luckily, Trent is there to help her manage it all.

Anything that allows Marissa to dream big and use her creativity is her jam. She loves being a mom and wife but her passion for business is right up there on her list of priorities.

Her superpower is that she believes in the women she encounters even more than they believe in themselves. She uses her previous teaching skills to meet women exactly where they are and create the biggest transformation they can.

Where to find Marissa:



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