A Recap of a Lightly Decorated 1st Birthday!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5

Hello Loves!

This past summer I had the pleasure to help a friend lightly decorate her daughter’s first birthday, I was so honored and thankful! With everything going on, it is so refreshing to look back and reflect on some good times!

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Sometimes mistakes happen, luckily I had a tissue flower that was used to top her baby girls cake. (I almost felt like a hero :))

God is so gracious, he truly supplies all of our needs. As I saw a mom trying to race against time to make sure that every detail of her daughters birthday was addressed and food prepared,

I thought “how lucky I am to be here at this moment in time to at least help with the weight of the details it takes to decorate a birthday for those perfect captures“.

Although, I didn’t have a big budget we made it happen and after everything was all said and done it came out beautiful. I was so thankful that the handmade touches were truly well received.

In helping with a few of the visual aesthetics I focused mainly on my friends wants. She wanted a “Vintage Country” theme with the main colors being Coral and Mint.

She had also mentioned wanting a photo booth so that her cutie pie baby girl and guests may take pictures!

As I do with all my clients I always put together a vision board and I love using Pinterest, it’s amazing what you can find online: You can check out my inspiration board HERE.

 The beautiful couple and their baby girl on her 1st birthday!

What really meant so much is that I had poured my heart over many of the handmade touches that I believe really brought everything to life. It’s surreal to know that no matter how much time passes by, what I had done will be with them always.

That alone is such an honor and so heart warming to know.

Helping capture those memorable moments and knowing that they truly appreciated everything is more than words can say. They become moments that are worth every effort and every touch.

I’m so thankful that God allowed me to help such a wonderful family and a wonderful mother. I’m honored that I was able to add something extra to their very special day.

Here are a few shots of that day…

Mother and Daughter Dani and Elle

The flower Garland I got from a local artisan shop called Gather over here in Cary, Nc I always love to support Local!1524802_662413451790_3809987335182262005_n

I LOVED that I was able to add a few more layers of lace for the table and added those Gold cups topped with a tissue flower 🙂 along with a few extra touches that gave the table texture.


There was also the CUTEST banner I made but I was not able to capture it 🙁 It was so cute! (Just FYI)


I used hemp string to hang the tissue balls 

10372006_662224859730_3431423287165149180_n 10390167_662413471750_7335077453267242963_n

It’s a light touch but I just added the circle hanging garlands to the bottom of Mom’s banner.

10390483_662413062570_407184344782415129_n 10433233_662225199050_4313059592653662481_n IMG_1097 IMG_1131

My baby boy also enjoyed himself to the festivities 🙂 ♥

IMG_1177 IMG_1189

I thought the buckets would bring that Country feel while the pearls, circle garland, pinwheels and flower Garland brought it all together ♥ Lace and pearls were a must have for her baby girls big day.

Mother and Daughter Dani and Elle

Have you ever helped someone capture a special moment? Or has anyone helped you? What was your experience and looking back now on those moments do they still mean something to you?

Until Next Time! Ciao!



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