Top 10 Hottest Trends of Interior Design.


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Another inspirational post on Interior Design ♥. I love researching what ever area I find I need knowledge in, and this tends to be most areas of my life, Lord thank you for Google and Youtube.

As always I hit the internet pavement and through a bit of ingenuity on my half and a few references I’ve narrowed down top 10 Hottest Trends of Interior Design… Happening now in 2014. The great thing about this is that the year is not over, so you can definitely indulge and incorporate a few of these, may you be blessed and inspired ♥.

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1. Geometric patterns
I’m not talking about fabrics, although those are nice. More in the hardware and furnishings department. These elements are being brought in through decor.

 photo tumblr_mzrgw4Ejhr1t8e272o1_1280_zpse2fff33e.jpg

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 photo tumblr_mz3ojnOHyF1t8e272o1_1280_zps36b6d957.jpg

2. Bold/mixing of patterns
There’s an uprising going on, and it’s within the design realm. More and more unique designers are popping up with a flaire of the eccentric.

 photo contemporary-kitchen_zps66dfc996.jpg

 photo 01-quartz-counter_zps4db6e03f.jpg

 photo contemporary-_zps587021ce.jpg
3. Quartz

 photo hot-pink-black-white-home-decor-vintage-furniture_zps642783e6.jpg

 photo thumb_zps0e5d8fe0.jpg

 photo vintage-wedding-furniture_0_zps42c80541.jpg

 photo cozy-phoenix-metro-classic-vintage-furniture_zpseeae747e.jpg

4. vintage
This element is brought in through timeless pieces of furniture. In my opinion, this will always be a hot trend. ♥ When it comes to design, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… A great romantic trait about interior design is that it captures an era in time. Making any vintage piece timeless due through the history infused within it.

 photo light-colour-scheme-vintage-living-room-design_zps20125d82.jpg

 photo bright-pink-kitchen-design_zps876fc3af.jpg

 photo 03_elaine-griffin-littlegreen-notebook-590sp-012111_zpsec28fe97.jpg

 photo color-blocking-in-interior-design-3_zps520f653b.jpg
5. Color
Color doesn’t only have to be on the walls or furniture, you can bring in color with your choice of decor and home accents.

Sunburst Mirrors

6. Sunburst mirrors

 photo 6620686_f520_zps01f65b16.jpg

 photo wedding-decor-handmade-ball-ornaments_zps860c221c.jpeg

 photo tumblr_mhgkl6EKNd1qaiveqo2_500_zpsb81980ab.png

 photo 9ee335c028ef3299580b5c19a2d9ca78_zps5a07594e.jpg These are my favorite, and made with sustainable materials 🙂

 photo Modern-Handmade-Wall-Design-Wicker-Plates-Bowls-Baskets-Dishes_zpsfad80c22.jpg
7. Local/handmade Artwork
Handmade is the new sustainable decor. Not only does it support the community of artisans, but you also get to bring into your home a conversation piece. (A piece that instills a conversation)

 photo classy-fireplace-mantels-and-chandelier-lamp-with-candle-lights-above-accent-chairs_zps65ad8116.jpeg

 photo pink-floral-bedroom-ideas_zps1add67ba.jpg

 photo divasndesigncom_1_zpsffa3adb1.jpg

8. Floral
Fashion and Decor go hand in hand. Usually you can predict a wave of interest through the wave of fashion. To be on top of your game when interior designing or decorating having a well rounded knowledge of what’s in, within fashion is a great ear to the ground, so to speak.

 photo summer-thornton-design-inc-interiors-art-deco-eclectic-modern-traditional-transitional-family-room-great-room-living-room_zps35264057.jpg

 photo slide_18026_249670_large_zpse208aa51.jpg

 photo shiny-chrome-pendant-lights-and-classy-dining-set-plus-fireplace-mantel-1024x768_zps55670c52.jpeg

 photo traditional-living-room-with-brown-wall-and-cowhide-armchair-also-driftwood-lamp-and-ice-blue-also-light-gray-for-decorat_zpsb175fa86.jpg

 photo eclectic-living-room-design-plus5-formal-modern-living-room-ideas-sirgcte7-Amazing-Living-Room-Ideas-Amazing-living-room-_zps3253fc8e.jpg

9. Traditional with a slice of Modern
While everyone is jumping on the modern bandwagon, the true show stopper is the mix of Traditional furnishings added with a punch of modern.

 photo Cacti-Geometric-Terrariums_zps04d119fd.jpg

 photo White-Sand-Terrarium_zps46a929f8.jpg

 photo Terrariums_zpsa4a5d25f.jpg
10. Succulents
Potted plants are in and not the usually greenery. I have a few of this type of potted plant in my own home 🙂

I hope you enjoyed each pick, remember each pick is linked to it’s source so get inspired, click away and by all means have an adventure.


Until next time! Ciao





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