DIY: Tissue Flowers!


I apologize for getting to this a bit late today! I’ve been incredibly busy and dealing with a sick baby 🙁 . I don’t know if it’s allergies or a cold. What ever it may be, I’m praying to the good Lord above for healing! Today…

I bring to you!



I love making my clients samples it helps with visualizing and I also believe it also brings in a level of trust in completing the project. So I thought I should share what I’ve been up to with a DIY. My client’s daughters birthday is coming up and I have the pleasure and honor to style her event ♥ I’m planning on adding Tissue paper party decor, and these tissue flowers are fabulous. This is such an easy DIY and you can really add it to any event you are planning to give it some punch! From Birthdays to baby showers including weddings. These can be incredibly dreamy or incredibly fun!

diy tissue flowers materials

What you’ll need!

  • Tissue Paper/recycled tissue paper 🙂
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stapler
  • Stick or rod for stem
  • Pencil
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Fabric scraps (Optional)
  • Spaghetti Jar/Container

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap]Depending on how many fabric flowers you are making and how full you want them, will add to how many sheets you’ll need. I use about 1 sheet for each flower and a third of a sheet if I want to add another color or have an ombre effect.

Tissue paper for fabric flowers[dropcap]2.[/dropcap]Fold the sheet(s) until you get about a small square  or the size you would like the flower to resemble, you will also be cutting around the sheets, make sure to take that into consideration.

DSCF2727[dropcap]3.[/dropcap]Once you fold each sheet staple them together. If you are going for a variation of colors make sure you also staple those sheet squares as well.

tissue flower diy[dropcap]4.[/dropcap]Next you will cut around in a scalloped edge to soften up the flower.

tissue flower step by step two tone look[dropcap]5.[/dropcap]After you staple them together and cut around, fold each sheet together one by one towards the center.

After you have done that with each sheet,

Step by step tissue flower purple and yellow[dropcap]6.[/dropcap]Next you will start to open each sheet up to the desired bloom effect.

purple and yellow tissue flower[dropcap]7.[/dropcap]Get your stem and hot glue gun it into place. You can also use the extra sheet cut outs for some added cuteness, or add green for a leafy effect, and wah-la, you have your blooming tissue flowers.



tissue flower purpleI love to use as much of my materials as possible with minimal to 0 waste and in this case I love using spaghetti jars and adding the extra tissue that has been left over to fill the jars you can also use scrap fabrics. Truly brings an added bonus to the look of your flowers.

DIY tissue flower from above in jar

I hope you Enjoyed! Are you planning on using this DIY for your next event? Have you used tissue paper as a craft DIY? I’d love to know, add it to the comments and share your experiences ♥





  1. Stacy Griffin Harper says:

    I am excited to see pictures from the party! Please make sure to post the styling for the event!

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