Visiting Furbish Studio! | Downtown Raleigh

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Hello Love,

A while ago, I had taken a trip to Furbish Studio and I totally forgot to post the pics from my adventures! No worries Love, because I’m so excited that I found them to write an amazing Post today! Yay!

Furbish Studio & Jamie Meares, the brains behind Furbish, is such a gem here in Raleigh and not only Raleigh on the net as well! Truly amazing items eccentric, youthful and inspiring. It’s crazy good that they are a local shop!

These pics were from their older location, I believe they had recently moved to another location. Info found via: Instagram & Twitter. I keep tabs, yo.

By the way Furbish nor Jamie have any idea who I am, but maybe one day! I just genuinely Love what Jamie has done, from a Blog to a Shop! Her story is truly inspiring and you can even find it on!

Check them out and let me know what you think of her shop!

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