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Hello Love!

Have you ever had a change of heart?

I guess we all can have one of those from time to time. I recently came out of a very “tough” season, this new year didn’t pan out as I had imagine, I began in a rut. Uninspired, not knowing how I wanted to Carpe Diem, you know, like the tattoo. (It means ‘seize the day’, I just usually find this phrase on tats).

I can’t help but truly be thankful. My heart has changed and I’m all the more excited and amazed at His goodness.

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.“Psalms 139:23

I wonder what David felt when he said these words.

I’m not going to sit here all “holier than thou” and say to you this was my deepest most heartfelt prayer of late, that would just be nonsense and a lie.

Truthfully, I’ve read the book of Job and oh, how I am a God fearing woman! But I digress.

I’ve come over to the other side of my “rut” my “tough” season, which I understand now it was the testing of my heart and I can’t help but thank GOD for it, for the testing.

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As we arrived on the scene of the State Fair Grounds where Meg and I took some awesome pics for our OOTD’s, (by the way, to enter the giveaway it’s at the bottom of this post just FYI. You’re Welcome.), I couldn’t help but be excited & to just be thankful. I couldn’t help but have a tremendous amount of JOY and the most AMAZING time, seriously Meg, if you’re reading this, I’m having so much fun!

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I did, Rock this outfit out with some heels mind you, which I’ll be sharing those shots next week, Monday. 🙂

I’m at a place that I found my “center” and that’s Jesus, always has been always will be, but it’s more like a commitment that I didn’t know was needed from me. That was beyond “who was following me & the likes” beyond “being a fanatic” beyond the “pressure“.

Does that make sense?

It’s been hard…it’s been hard trying to step out and walk in faith…ooooh but how He gives us the Grace…and everything else that we need.

I needed this ‘testing of the heart‘. I needed these times I fell and I’ve gotten back up & kept going. The “why am I doing this?” moments. The pressure and the “who am I to do this?

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Love, I can’t express the gratitude that’s in my heart. How by switching my mentality from “this is so hard“, “this is so tough” to… Lord I TRUST You.

It’s incredible. Every time I feel like complaining, or dwelling on my weaknesses…I just say… I may not understand, or this may hurt but, Lord I TRUST You.

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That simple phrase has instilled a peace in me….a joy that is utterly un-explainable and I’m thankful for the times I’ve been weak. I’m thankful for the times I’ve fallen and picked myself up.

I’m Thankful….

And as I sit here and bask in this thankfulness, I just want to say…

Be Thankful, Be Grateful and…

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YOU totally got to enter the giveaway!!! If you Love The Southern Women’s Show, You can win 2 tickets!

…You like that. See what I did there? But seriously are you coming!?

Come on…Let’s enjoy this amazing Life!

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