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Hello Love,

With my older sister Linka getting married in May, I’m looking for that perfect wedding guest dress, to really celebrate her big day with her & family.


I love this gorgeous neutral floor-length dress and this simple A-line one shoulder chiffon dress! Those are on my top 2 list. I’m debating if I can pull them off, because they are so gorgeous!


Now that I’m a mom, our main priority is saving but that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice style to save. So when it comes to a family trip, visiting family or buying new stylish pieces for my wardrobe, I try to plan things out in advance, instead of rushing for those last minute buys which usually ends up, me feeling guilty about either A. I shopped to much or B. I didn’t shop enough. Both are a no-go in my book.


I also love this sleeveless knee-length evening dress and though it’s shorter than I’d like, I love the femininity of it. Depending if I’m leaning more towards comfort than style this charming chiffon evening dress and this sleeveless chiffon floor length dress  are comfy yet still stylish, though I wouldn’t get it in black, I’d do a soft neutral instead.


I picked these accessories because I know this spring – summer I’m going for neutrals and soft pinks. I can alternate these Marc Jacobs glasses I love that they’re retro, & these neutral heels, with just about any look. If I was going with a neutral dress, I really wanted to bring a pop of color somewhere, and these Zara’s do the trick!.  They are the bee’s nees honey! They are a steal compared to these pumps but leave you fringe-less 🙁 . Which I adore the fringe!


Which one you think I should choose!?

Natural Sheath One Shoulder Floor-length Dress    |   Simple A-line One Shoulder Ruching Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dresses    |     Sleeveless Knee-length Backless Natural A-line Evening Dress     |      Charming A-line Straps Ruching Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dresses     |     Natural Sleeveless Criss-cross Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dress



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