5 Key Ways to Amp up your Home

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Decorating your home shouldn’t be a chore but a joy. Your home should be a sanctuary and a place you can express yourself creatively. Here are 5 key ways to amp up your home.

1. Art work

When choosing a work of art to hang on those empty walls an amazing black and white family picture or a local artist work would definitely amp up your space. Think of creative ways to make a gallery wall or hang a fun decorative piece that speaks to you.


West Elm

2. Lighting

Lighting is very important when decorating your home. It can set the mood and set you at ease with just a flick of a switch. Having ample lighting is crucial when taking your space to that next level. Focus on the room you’d like to revitalize and look for areas that need that extra light. Not only can it create a mood but it can also bring in a creative layer to your decor. From floor lamps to chandeliers, be as creative as you want to be, keeping in mind that symmetry can have a positive and amazing impact.

Pottery barn

Pottery Barn

3. Accent pieces

When it comes to creating a humble abode that looks amazing, all you need is a few personal touches that can really accent that space. Accent pieces, also known as home decor items can go a long way. The trick to choosing the right decor pieces and not look like overbearing knickknacks is through discipline and editing. If you’d like a designer’s touch to your space consider using a theme when choosing decor.

williams sonoma2


4. Furniture arrangement

We often times get stuck with the usual furniture arrangements. Step out the box and try something different. Amping up that home can be as easy as arranging a few furniture pieces. Create a reading nook or change the flow of your space. This can open new doors and create a different feel to your home.

west elm window treatments

West Elm

5. Window treatments

Dress up those windows and change it up! Window treatments are an amazing investment and can provide drama or glamour to your home. Don’t be afraid to go bold. Here’s your chance to experiment with color and apply a different mood to your space. From florals to dreamy silk curtains, color never looked so good.

 Featured image: Pottery Barn

What ever the season, what ever the occasion make sure to have fun and express yourself in your home. After all a home is your sanctuary and place of rest and where you gather with friends and family. Have fun and happy decorating!




  1. Lauren Dalton says:

    These tips are helpful! I am so excited at the possibility of finally having an apartment and my brain is overflowing with ideas right now. Probably more than I will have room for haha

    • Yay! Congratulations Lauren ♥ So glad I can help. There’s always room for fabulous ideas ^_^ Ohhhh you gotta take pics when you’re done decorating, ahhh decorating it’s always the fun part when you finally get a place on your own. Cheers girl! You did it ♥


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