Recap: Ascension Promo 2nd Video!!

Hello Love!

How are you on this fine day! I’m so excited I’ve been working so hard and I’m just thankful I got a chance to truly do some amazing things, one of which was a promo video with one of my amazing models Kimmie! She knocked it out the park!

I always loooooove taking behind the scenes photos! I’m working on behind the scenes videos, but that’s a whole ‘nother beast.

I was so blessed to work behind a talented team! Kimmie and I headed over to Charolette, NC to film the promo video for this Saturday’s Runway show featuring 7 other designers.

The trip was around 3hrs from where I currently reside in Cary, NC. Phew!

Although it was a long ride we had an amazing conversation and afterwards an aaaaaamzing time!

Being apart of this video really brought light, an awareness and inner transformation within myself. I’ve been taking into consideration everything I’ve been doing and thinking about it that much more seriously.

I don’t take any day for granted, nor any opportunity. Especially when it’s fun and exciting. I’m learning to turn negatives into positive and to rise above the ashes.

That’s what I believe ‘Linda Mendible’ should stand for. Just transforming the mundane into the beautiful. To see the beauty within the storm. To appreciate the rain and to always shine forth no matter how dark or bleak things may seem. It’s about finding that strength from within, which is beauty.

When I work with fabrics I don’t look at each piece as an individual, I look at it as a whole and thoughtfully think on how it can shine through.

It’s just like God to take us from our self doubt, our ashes and turn them into beauty. I feel as though that’s the essence this collection should exude. Taking what we are given and turning anything that could be looked at as a negative, turning it into a positive.

That’s my goal every single day. I can be tempted to look at where I’m not or my own faults and dwell on them. Instead I consciously make an effort and think….How can I turn this negative energy into a positive one.

How can I make beautiful what can be looked at differently?

That’s how I’ve always perceived each challenge. Each time something didn’t go my way. This has allowed me to bloom past my adversities, so much so that I am blessed beyond belief!

Can you believe that this weekend is almost here!! I’ll be launching my first ever Clothing Collection down a Runway. When I thought about this collection I really thought about “The Woman” who wears these clothes. She’s fun, chic, confidently fabulous and embraces the amazing Woman that she is.

Here are the behind the scenes action!

DSCF5512 DSCF5514 DSCF5517 DSCF5519 DSCF5530 DSCF5536 DSCF5537 DSCF5538 DSCF5544 DSCF5553 DSCF5554 DSCF5557 DSCF5562 DSCF5571 DSCF5576 DSCF5588 DSCF5596

For More info and ticket sales go here:



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