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Recap! My Art Exhibit Reception!

Phew! What an eventful month! I’m excited to get into the new Month and sooooo ready for Spring!

This month I did my first ever exhibit as an Artist, eeeek! Good times and I also organized a Triangle Mompreneur Group which is pretty neat.

It’s nerve wracking for me to show my art, especially my abstract work because I feel as though…will they get it?  One of the challenges I face is, letting go of fear.

How I lost 18 Pounds and counting!

I thought this would be a great post because there are so many Slim quick schemes and I thought that maybe someone out there would enjoy a real person post, on their journey on how they lost weight and how they are still losing weight. If you think I did it with exercise well honey the answer is no, I got a 6month old. Enough said! When I had my baby back in September 2013 I gained...

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