DAY 1: This is YOUR time get in the word and pursue your calling

Hello Love,


Today we are digging into the Word of Ester 4:14


For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?


Esther was an orphaned girl who grew up under the care of her cousin Mordecai. When one day because of the disobedience of another, Ester was granted the opportunity to compete for the King’s attention and become queen. Which she did. Then, a very trying time came upon her and her people. She was confronted with a decision to risk it all in order to step into her calling to save many.


Esther’s story is an example of the call that God can have on a person’s life. On your life.


In this ancient story of the bible, we can see someone stepping out boldly in faith by facing their fears and the challenge of being obedient risking it all to impact many.


Is God calling you to step into the direction of your calling but it comes with a price?


Today’s challenge is one of boldly facing your fears.


Those fears that you have placed deep within the recess of your mind. The fears that you believe are holding you back from following that call, that tug at your heart to pursue something that seems virtually impossible. To pursue those passions that you know with all your heart you are meant for?


To put everything at risk, the security and comfort of where you are now for the adversity that comes from taking the leap and stepping into all that you are meant to be.


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Think of all the things that are holding you back. Write the top 5 situations, things, etc. that you believe are holding you back from stepping into your calling.


For example:

1. Not enough Resources
2. No one supports you
3. What would people think?
4. Maybe it’s not what I’m meant to do?
5. I can’t …..fill in the rest…




Write down 5 FEARS that you believe will happen if you pursue your dream or calling. Be as DETAILED as possible answering the questions: How? What? & When?


For example:

1. I will lose everything. (How will you lose everything? Why would you lose everything? When will you lose everything?)
2. I will be laughed at or ridiculed…etc.


Now with each of those associated fears that you believe are associated with this dream/calling, write down if these fears hindrances were to actually happen what would you do, how would you handle that situation? Is it realistic that it would happen? What would you set into motion to prevent or help you if it were to happen?


For example:

1. If I lose xyz I can xyz.
2. If I am laughed at or ridiculed for xyz I can xyz.



In the comments below name 1 fear and 1 action that you would or can do if you were to confront that fear.

Also if you are brave enough: Using the hashtag #30daysofGraceChallenge Post a picture on Instagram with the caption of 1 of your fears and the Action that you would or can do if you were to confront that fear.


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