Day 26: Guard Your Heart

Hello Love,


This week we journey with Jesus. Before Jesus officially started his ministry he met up with his cousin John the Baptist. There he asked John to baptize him. When John baptized Jesus…


The spirit of the Lord came down like a dove and affirmed not only to Jesus but to John that Jesus was the messiah. God said “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:17


The day you accepted Jesus Christ into your life, is the day that your sin was washed away and God views you as he did Jesus. You are not only forgiven but restored, not only set apart but placed on high.


You are the light of the world.


Then, Jesus went onto the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.
Sometimes when God gives us great revelation the enemy tries to take what God had already instilled within us.
Jesus talks about this in several parables and one parable in particular about a farmer who sows good seed. Then at night, unaware, the man’s enemy came and planted weeds among the good seed. It wasn’t noticed until the seed began to grow because the weeds also grew along with the good seed.

This is why you have to watch what you allow within your heart.


Today’s challenge is one about resistance and acceptance.
What are you accepting in your life?
You have to be aware of the things you allow to sink into your heart usually the people that most affect us are the ones closest to us that can plant seeds of anger, resentment and hostility.
Notice that the enemy didn’t go to where the farmer was unfamiliar, but to the farmer’s field, his domain. The farmer has a close relationship with his field and tends to it every day.
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Today’s Challenge


WRITE down the 5 people closest to you, the ones that affect your daily decisions


WRITE 5 seeds that you receive from each of these 5 people, i.e. encouragement, love, resentment, anger, doubt.


Be truthful in your analysis because although you may love these people who are closest to you, they may be ruining your crops without you noticing. GUARD your heart.

Don’t be afraid to say no, or to limit the time you spend with these people. You must GUARD your heart if you want to step into the fullness of GOD.


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