Day 4: Don’t Look Back!

Hello Love,


Today we’re looking into the story of Lot and his wife. Back in his day, there was a time that the Lord visited Abraham and told him he was about to destroy a city, this saddened Abraham because this particular city was wHere his nephew Lot resided in.


Abraham pleaded with God not to destroy the city and asked if he found at least 10 men who were righteous to not destroy the city. God agreed and sent 2 angels to scope the city. The angels were greeted and were recognized by Lot who insisted they spend the night at his house they were hesitant at first but because of his persistence had gone with him. In this time the people of the city were so wicked, because of the sin and the outcry against this city was so great the Angel’s asked Lot if he had any other family with him there, to get out of the city because they were there to destroy it.


And although Lot hesitated one of the Angel’s took him, his wife and his daughters by the hands and led them safely out of the city because as it says in the text “for the Lord was merciful to them.”


Then they were given a command:

“Flee for your lives! Don’t look back, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain! Flee to the mountains or you will be swept away” Genesis 19:17


Then God had rained down burning sulfur on to the city and the entire plain. But, how many of you know there is always a but?

Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

Are you dwelling in the past? Are you looking back at where you came from knowing that God is not there, but He’s in your future?


No matter what has happened in your past, looking back is not going to move you forward but keep you stagnant.


One thing I’ve noticed from people who are stuck when pursuing or following their dream is that they keep bringing up their past as though it’s here in the future.

They keep being stuck on what happened to them instead of learning, moving on and creating a better future for themselves.

Are you bitter?


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Today’s challenge is one of reflection.

Do you have a Victor or a Victim mentality?


Write Down 3 things that have hurt you in the past that still come up to your remembrance on a sheet of paper.

Now throw it away. Declare today that those things within your past, those mistakes, misfortunes do not hold your future. But the one who holds your future has your back no matter what. You are His child. You are a child of God.

For each hurt I want you to write 7 positive things about yourself and what makes you happy. That’s 21 things in total. Come on, take the challenge, you can do it!

Now throw that sheet of paper away. That’s right rip it out and declare today that those things within your past, those mistakes, misfortunes, do not hold your future. But the one who holds your future has your back no matter what. You are HIS child.

You are a Child of God.


In the comments and on Instagram, using the Hashtag #30daysofGraceChallenge I want you to write out 1 verse from the bible that states who you are in Christ and 1 positive thing about yourself or what you’ve overcome.

Stop looking back and start living today. Your past does not define you. Your future is waiting for you, will you continue to look back? Or will you start moving towards the direction of your dream?

The choice is yours.


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