Day 5: Take the Leap

Hello Love,


Today we’re sailing into Matthew 14:22-33 where we catch Peter asking Jesus to move him forward on turbulent waters. In a nutshell stepping out into the impossible. This is a story of faith, facing ones fears and calling out to God.

Peter, who was once called Simon, went on a journey along with the other disciples on a boat. Jesus told them to go ahead of him and that later he would catch up to them.


Jesus then appeared walking on the waters. This terrified the disciples and because of this Jesus said to them

“Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Matthew 14:27


What is God telling you to take courage towards?


Then, Peter asked Jesus if it was truly him, to tell him to come out on the water to him. And Jesus said “Come”.

What are you asking God to do in your life?


Then Peter did just that. He got out of the security of the boat and began to do the impossible, walking on the water.

But then when he saw the wind, he became afraid and beginning to sink he cried out “Lord, save me!”

Notice that it wasn’t the walking on the water that frighten Peter, it wasn’t where his feet were standing but what he saw.

The wind.

I propose not that it was the wind alone, I mean who can see wind? But it was what he saw the wind capable of doing and that it was capable of moving, or knocking the water around it.


Jesus eventually saved him and called his faith small, he even asked Peter why he doubted?

Today, I want you to reflect on the impossible God is asking from you. That dream that seems too big.

That passion that leads you to walk on what seems impossible.

Learn from Peter and have the Faith that God is calling you forward onto these troubled waters.

Don’t look at the wind, hence, don’t look at what “COULD” happen to your footing. Of what could happen on the impossibility of what you are standing and walking on.

Because our dreams can become that water and that wind? Well, it could be those voices that tell you it’s impossible, including your own.
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Write out what you believe God is calling you to do. Also write out why you believe God is calling you to such a dream. Does it burn deeply in your heart. Is it your passion?




In the comments and using the hashtag #30DaysofGraceChallenge write a passion of yours. Whether it is writing, design, art, reading? What calls out to you?


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