Olioboard vs. Polyvore

Hello Loves,

Today I discovered a whole new way of designing a room, not the “traditionalPolyvore although I don’t know which one came first. Olioboard is actually more towards interiors while Polyvore also goes into fashion.

I’ve mostly been using Polyvore and just last night dove into Olioboard. I love networking and through a networking group that I am a part of I stumbled onto a fellow blogger, Kathy, who loves Interior Design over at http://www.uptodateinteriors.com/ ! To be honest I LOVE her blog ♥ She’s so good.

My Olioboard creation:
 photo 290927_original_zps2f6d7584.jpg
I’m still a newbie but I do want to dive into it more! If you love decorating to the point of e-decorating than olioboard may be for you, I found in my quick experience (only 1 day) of Olioboard is that it has amazing backgrounds that you can add to your decorating, while in using Polyvore for several weeks I still haven’t figured out, yet, how to do a background like Olioboard allows you to do, simply.

Polyvore, allows you to add fashion into your picks and there’s even different contests you can enter be it fashion or homedecor while Olio has Challenges.

This was just a quick observation and as I learn more about it I will keep you all posted!

You can follow me on Olioboard and I will, try to, follow back 🙂  Click here to view: MY PROFILE on Olioboard



  1. Kathy Baugher says:

    Thanks for the shout out! You are so sweet!! I love the board you created, those are my favorite go to colors.

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