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Meet: Health Activist | Amber Robinson

Health activist, Amber Robinson is not your typical health nut. She’s an independent health consultant, wife, crunchy mom to a beautiful baby girl and truly comes up with amazing Organic Recipes, health, beauty tips and on top of it all she’s a student of Natural Healing! With a degree in Culinary Arts she’s definitely one to spice up your kitchen! She blogs over at I totally love getting informed on how to live healthier. If ever in a kitchen funk, make sure to check out Amber. She’s always available to chat on what ever platform and I looooove following her.

TriFABB Event Recap! | As a Vendor!

TriFABB Blogger Event Briar Chapel Vendor (1) TriFABB Blogger Event Briar Chapel Vendor (2) TriFABB Blogger Event Briar Chapel Vendor (3) TriFABB Blogger Event Briar Chapel Vendor (4) TriFABB Blogger Event Briar Chapel Vendor (5) TriFABB Blogger Event Briar Chapel Vendor (6) TriFABB Blogger Event Briar Chapel Vendor (7) TriFABB Blogger Event Briar Chapel Vendor (8)

Hello Love!

How are you today? I hope amazing! Weeeeelll!

I wanted to tell you about an amazing experience I had few weeks ago!

Love, I couldn’t believe that I was actually asked to be a vendor in this amazing Local Blogger Community called TriFABB. To me it was such a huge deal and an incredible honor. As a first time vendor it was a bit intimidating but I really just LOVED the experience of it!

For being my first time, I wouldn’t have changed a thing! I learned so much, made so many amazing connections got some emails and still got a chance to eat some very awesome snacks!

Author ‘Let your Creativity work for you’ Heather Allen | Dr. Arts Entrepreneurship

With a Dual Masters degree in Global Innovation Management and Business Administration, undergraduate degrees in art, design and psychology.Toss in a Lighthearted sense of humor, a passionate authenticity of marketing, organization skills to boot! This woman can set any creative's career on the right path!! She's awesome and I heart her ♥   Name: Heather Allen a.k.a.: Dr. Arts Entrepreneurship Age: 28 Age at heart: 28 Kids: Not yet but hopefully in the next 2-4 years. Current title/Company/Blog: Business & Marketing Consultant to Artists at Year you launched your Blog: I...

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30 Best advice at 30 | Love, by all means Love

Hello Love! I'm so blessed! I feel so Blessed and I'm just blessed to write this blog, it's really been a blessing to me. Do you think I've said the word Blessed enough times yet? Haha! I can't help it! Yesterday I was having a bit of an off day and I was soooo thankful that I've prepared this post a few weeks in advance because I really wanted to give some knowledge that I've gained from...

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Meet: Shannon Sharpe | Conversionz Make Up Studio

A proud mother, a zealous entrepreneur, and a committed educator. Her amazing skills and talent are not just within the artistry ( ) of makeup but, she is also the founder of the YoungMiss mentoring program(Conversionz4Girlz) ( that caters to girls ages 11-18 which allows these young ladies to better direct their futures. She's also the president of the Aglow International, in Fuquay Varina lighthouse ( On top of being a teacher for over 15years she currently teaches...

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Fall Inspired Eco Fashion | Working with Amazing People

Hello Love! It's so amazing when you come together and collaborate with amazing and talented people. I am so blessed to be working along side truly talented individuals. Loves, I have to brag about Doug over at, his work is Amazing! He has incredible technique, is tremendously talented, goes through the process with you and he is so down to earth! I'm beyond honored and excited to be collaborating on future...

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